At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management in Hamburg, Germany, you will learn how to deal responsibly with management tasks.

Our English language MBA program in Technology Management prepares you for the demands of a rapidly changing work environment. The modular course content enables you to study in part-time.

Technology Management at the NIT + Engineering or Natural Sciences at the TUHH 

When you choose the Double Master option you will graduate with two Master degrees. And this is how it works: You enroll in an engineering or scientific master program of your choice at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and combine it with an MBA in Technology Management at the NIT.  With this combination, your skills will be in high demand as you will be able to combine technical know-how with a secure feeling for management in an international and agile market.

Study part-time with fellow students from around the world

The MBA program is divided into modules that take place on Friday evenings and weekends. This allows you to complete your studies on a part-time basis while you are working or pursuing your doctorate.  Our international community of students and lecturers creates an intercultural atmosphere. Another advantage is our accommodation on campus as well as our various industry scholarships, which we offer together with our well-known partner companies such as IBM or NXP.

Apply at the NIT and become part of our international commuNITy!

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