The MMT program provides excellent education for internationally oriented students from renowned universities within a research-based framework. Studying the MMT program symbolizes the unique chance to enjoy high-class education in the land of engineers and to be involved in a truly international classroom with students from all over the world. Located in the vibrant Ruhr area, TU Dortmund University excels in its long-standing tradition in manufacturing engineering and the involvement of industrial cooperation. The Ruhr area transformed from a former coal and steel industry hotspot to an educational and technological center in Germany and Europe. With its multicultural atmosphere, its various opportunities in the industry and education the Ruhr area is a very popular and encouraging location to study! Besides in depth theoretical lectures students will be engaged in current research projects. The MMT program enables its graduates to analyze and optimize existing manufacturing processes, evaluate existing production systems, and design new techniques. The program of study starts every October.   Would you like to become an MMT student?

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