Programme Description

The Weimar Awards promote graduates, post-doctoral researchers and scientists of professorial level wishing to benefit from the Weimar collections for their research. The award holders are welcome to work in all the Foundation's institutions, in particular the Goethe and Schiller Archive, the Duchess Anna Amalia Library and the museums. The Classics Foundation funds support over a maximum period of six months with varying stipends: graduates receive EUR 1,000, post-doctoral researchers EUR 1,500 and award holders in residence are granted a sum of EUR 500 each month. Awardees are invited to participate in all scientific and cultural events hosted by the Classics Foundation. Moreover, scientific colloquia furthering interdisciplinary exchange are held on a regular basis.

Target Group

  • Postgraduate scholarships are aimed at academics with an above-average degree who are able to demonstrate a conceptual relation between the research project to be conducted in Weimar and their dissertation or equivalent academic work.
  • Junior researchers who have fully completed doctoral studies, hold a PhD and have published work in relevant specialized journals are eligible for application for a postdoctoral scholarship.
  • Residential scholarships are intended for postgraduates, doctorate holders or academics qualified to lecture in higher education, whose monthly net income exceeds EUR 1,500, including during the period of time for which the Weimar scholarship is being applied for.

Academic Requirements

degree course, doctoral studies or post-doctoral qualification for professorship


maximum period of sponsorship: six months

Scholarship Value

The monthly funding level currently amounts to:
  • EUR 1,000 for postgraduate scholarships
  • EUR 1,500 for post-doctoral scholarships
  • EUR 500 for residential scholarships

Application Papers

Application forms and details on the application procedure are available here

Application Deadline

31 January and 31 July of each year

Please select your status and your country of origin in order to be able to submit an application.

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