Zapraszamy na wykład Prof. Katarzyny Marciniak z wydziału “Artes Liberales” Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego pt. “The Past for the Present, or What Does Cicero Have to Say to Children?”.

Wykład odbędzie się w ramach cyklu Polsko-Niemieckie Spotkania Naukowe 12 grudnia 2019 r. o godz. 18.00 w Niemieckim Instytucie Historycznym w Warszawie, Al. Ujazdowskie 39.

Zgłoszenia udziału przyjmujemy do 10 grudnia pod adresem:

„Polsko-Niemieckie Spotkania Naukowe” to wspólna inicjatywa Ambasady Niemiec w Warszawie, Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum, Niemieckiej Centrali Wymiany Akademickiej oraz Niemieckiego Instytutu Historycznego. W ramach cyklu cztery razy w roku odbywają się spotkania z renomowanymi polskimi i niemieckim naukowcami różnych dziedzin.


The Past for the Present, or What Does Cicero Have to Say to Children?

Katarzyna Marciniak

Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw

In this presentation I will showcase the current studies into the reception of Classical Antiquity in the culture for young people as pursued within the research programme “Our Mythical Childhood” (ERC Consolidator Grant) and the activities of the Cluster “The Past for the Present: International Research and Educational Programme”. The tradition of Ancient Greece and Rome is treated here not as a petrified legacy of the past, but as a living cultural experience undergoing imaginative transformations that respond to local and global challenges. Owing to this, the reception of ancient culture becomes both a tool for shaping young people’s identity and a marker of key social, ideological, and cultural changes the world over. I will briefly present the aims and the milestones of the “Our Mythical Childhood” programme and the component of citizen science we have been developing also within the Cluster – our international centre at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, established together with four humanistic departments of the universities in Bologna, Cambridge, and Munich. My presentation is taking place during the Second Ciceronian Congress in Poland (1989–2019): “Cicero, Society, and the Idea of Artes Liberales” – thus, in conclusion I will discuss, as a case study, the reception of Cicero in children’s literature. We will witness how the most famous Roman orator and nightmare of Latin lessons becomes a cicerone through values deemed constant and universal, at the same time as he transforms into a mentor supporting contemporary kids as they deal with the most current societal challenges.


Marciniak, Katarzyna, ed., Our Mythical Childhood… The Classics and Literature for Children and Young Adults, Leiden–Boston, Brill, 2016. Marciniak, Katarzyna, ed., Chasing Mythical Beasts: The Reception of the Ancient Monsters in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture, Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2020 (in print). Website of the “Our Mythical Childhood” programme: