Programme Description

Copernicus awards six to ten fellowships to students from East- and Central European or Central Asian countries per semester in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg. The funding extends over about six months, its exact beginning and end depending on the lecture periods of the single higher-education institutions. Generally, the winter-semester funding period starts in October of each year and finishes at the end of March or the beginning of April, the summer semester funding commences in April (beginning or middle of the month) and terminates in September (mid or end of month).

During the first three months of their stay in Germany the fellows attend university, in the final two to three months they complete an internship, which is organized by Copernicus together with the prospective fellows. Interns are usually placed in international companies, law firms, public authorities or organisations, all of which are primarily concerned with Eastern European issues.

Target Group

committed students from East- and Central European or Central Asian countries who demonstrate a well-founded interest in studying in Germany and good to very good knowledge of the German language. Candidates from the following disciplines are eligible:
  • jurisprudence

  • political science/international relations

  • business/economics

  • humanities and social sciences

  • architecture, only in connection with the Hamburg special programme ‘Architecture for students from Cluj University in Romania’

  • jurisprudence and natural sciences, exclusively in connection with the special programme ‘Poland for Polish students’ (only in Berlin)

Academic Requirements

Bachelor or Master students who have completed at least one semester at the beginning of the programme are welcome to apply.

Number of Scholarships

six to 10 fellowships each year


about six months

Scholarship Value

The Copernicus grant covers the living expenses during the funding period, that is, costs for accommodation, board, health insurance, enrolment and public transport. A monthly spending money allowance of presently about EUR 220 in Berlin and EUR 200 in Hamburg is also included as well as EUR 100 of food allowance during the internship and a book allowance for specialist literature. Furthermore, Copernicus pays for the least expensive travel to and from Germany as well as for the visa fees.

Application Papers

Please find all application forms and the relevant information on the application procedure here

Application Deadline

The application deadline is
  • 1 September for the summer semester of the following year (start of the programme: 1 April) and
  • 1 March for the winter semester of the same year (start of the programme: 1 October).

W celu złożenia aplikacji proszę wybrać status i kraj docelowy.

Brak statusu i/lub kraju decelowego na liście wyboru?Jeśli Państwa status i/lub kraj docelowy nie jest wymieniony na liście wyboru, nie mogą się Państwo ubiegać o stypendium w ramach tego programu. W celu wyświetlenia tylko tych stypendiów, o które mogą się Państwo ubiegać, proszę wybrać na stronie z listą wyników swój status i kraj docelowy (lewa kolumna).