Programme Description

Erasmus+ mobility of individuals sponsors study periods and traineeships (work placements) in 34 specified Erasmus+ programme countries and in Erasmus+ partner countries around the world.

Target Group

The programme is intended for students who
  • are regularly enrolled at a German higher-education institution,
  • have completed their first year of study,
  • are enrolled at a higher-education institution participating in the Erasmus+ project
  • AND whose home institution has signed an Erasmus cooperation agreement with the receiving institution.

Academic Requirements

Erasmus+ mobility of individuals is open to all students at higher-education institutions participating in the Erasmus+ programme who are in at least their second year of study.

Number of Scholarships

In the 2015 project year 40,090 individuals have been supported in Germany. Throughout Europe the number adds up to 304,399 for the same period of time.


The duration of the Erasmus+ study periods may vary from three to twelve months. The maximum, however, is of 36 months for studies or traineeships:
  • for Bachelor, Master or doctoral students of up to twelve months,
  • for students in comprehensive degree courses, such as medicine, programmes ending with a state examination or traditional diploma courses the grant will be awarded for a period of up to 24 months and an additional twelve months for students pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • the scholarship can be split up within one study cycle, for example into two six-month stays.
  • traineeships abroad will be supported for at least two and no more than twelve months.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship value varies depending on destination and higher-education institution.

Application Papers

In order to take part in the Erasmus+ individual mobility programme please contact the Erasmus+ coordinators at the International Office of your home institution.
For further information on essential requirements and the application process, visit the Erasmus+ website.

Application Deadline

Please contact the International Office of your home institution for further information on the application deadlines.

W celu złożenia aplikacji proszę wybrać status i kraj docelowy.

Brak statusu i/lub kraju decelowego na liście wyboru?Jeśli Państwa status i/lub kraj docelowy nie jest wymieniony na liście wyboru, nie mogą się Państwo ubiegać o stypendium w ramach tego programu. W celu wyświetlenia tylko tych stypendiów, o które mogą się Państwo ubiegać, proszę wybrać na stronie z listą wyników swój status i kraj docelowy (lewa kolumna).