Dr. Martin Krispin

Tel. :  +48 22 / 395 54 00


Before taking up his post in Warsaw, Dr. Martin Krispin spent three years in charge of the 'Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southern Caucasus' scholarship department at the DAAD headquarters in Bonn, where he was responsible for cooperation with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. From 2012 to 2017, he coordinated the activities of the German Science and Innovation Centre (DWIH) and was the deputy director of the DAAD office in Moscow. Dr. Krispin studied Eastern European history, political science and economics at the universities of Marburg, Moscow and Heidelberg. Prior to joining the DAAD headquarters in Bonn in 2009, he worked for several years in Warsaw in the area of German-Polish economic cooperation.

Katarzyna Kosylak

Deputy Head
Tel.: +48 22 / 395 54 02


  • Finances
  • Contact to Polish universities
  • Contact to Polish organisations
  • University and research marketing

Karolina Kaczmarczyk-Orzołek

Representative for German language and regional cooperation karolina.kaczmarczyk@daad.pl
Tel.: +48 22 / 395 54 06


  • German studies and German language in Poland
  • The DAAD Lektor programme
  • Lecture series „German-Polish Scientific Encounters“
  • Coordination of the DAAD Office Warsaw regional cooperation (Czechia, the Baltic states)

Anna Sowińska-Szejba

Representative for scholarship programmes and event management
Tel.: +48 22 / 395 54 03


  • Scholarships for Poland
  • Group trips for Polish student groups to Germany
  • German university lecturers at Polish universities
  • Contact to Polish universities

Maria Szrajber-Czerwińska

Representative for communication and marketing
Tel.: +48 22 / 395 54 04


  • External and internal communication
  • University and research marketing
  • Scholarships for Germans and support of German DAAD scholarship holders in Poland

Łukasz Wołosz

Representative for scholarships and marketing
Tel.: +48 22 / 395 54 05


  • Marketing on demand
  • Scholarships for Poland
  • Editing of DAAD homepage
  • University and research marketing

All staff give advice on studying and doing research in Germany and on scholarship opportunities for interested applicants from Poland.