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Repeat invitations for former scholarship holders

In order to remain in touch with Germany, former 1-year DAAD scholarship holders, former holders of Polish government scholarships and those who studied at least 1 year in the former GDR may be awarded a scholarship to carry out research at a German university or research institute. These scholarships are intended for all subject areas. Former scholarship holders working outside the academic field may apply for a work placement scholarship at an institution in industry, administration, culture or the media. These applicants must enclose with their application written confirmation from the host institution that they will be provided with (unpaid) employment linked to their planned research or professional project. A doctorate is not a requirement.

Depending on the planned research project, the duration of the scholarship will be 1 to 3 months.

The scholarship will amount to 2,000 euros a month for academics with doctorates, academic assistants, university lecturers and 2,150 euros a month for professors and professors on special contracts. The amount of the scholarship for applicants working outside the academic field will depend on the qualifications of the respective applicant. In addition, an allowance will be granted for travel expenses. The scholarship cannot be extended. No further benefits will be provided.

Scholarship applications may be made by any former scholarship holders who work at a Polish university, in a research institute or in any other institute linked to industry, administration, culture or the media. At least 3 years must have passed since applicants held their last scholarship before they make a scholarship application for a repeat invitation.

One very important selection criterion is a convincing and well planned research project for the stay in Germany. This must be coordinated with a(n) (academic) collaboration partner at the host institute. Written commitment to this (academic) collaboration referring explicitly to the applicant’s project must be enclosed with the application documents. Applicants do not need to be working at the university where they were granted their 1-year scholarship.

A good command of German or English is required.

A research scholarship can only be taken up once in 3 years and former scholarship holders must have returned to their home country at least 3 years earlier.

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